Why EasyCare?

EasyCare Baths And Showers Are Fundamentally Different Than All Other Bathroom Remodelers

People often ask, “Why should we choose EasyCare for our bathroom remodel?”  We answer: EasyCare is the ONLY tub and shower that is made of cross-linked acrylic.  If you’re like most people, you aren’t an expert in acrylics. That’s okay; it takes just a moment to learn the difference, and knowing the difference can save you a lot of frustration, and thousands of dollars in repair bills.

What Difference Does The Cross-Linked Material In EasyCare Make?

The world is full of bathroom remodelers that make big promises and offer mediocre products. You can find standard acrylic baths literally anywhere else. However, most people who want their bathroom remodel to essentially last forever, understand that it’s not wise to use cheap hardware and materials instead of quality ones.  All – and that means every single one of the other reputable bathtub and shower manufacturers use the same kind of standard form acrylic.  Even if they brand them with a fancy name and talk about how durable the materials are, it’s still made of the same cheap acrylic.

Some of the more expensive “premium” bathtub and shower franchises spray on a thin film on top of the acrylic, but their materials are basically the same as the home improvement stores, and they all use standard acrylic for their tubs and showers.

NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM OFFER cross-linked acrylic tubs and showers. The reason is that it is more expensive to produce.  EasyCare is the ONLY manufacturer that offers cross-linked acrylic bathtubs and showers.

Yes, This Kind of Quality Makes Our Manufacturing Cost A Little Higher… But Here’s How We’ve Made It Affordable

The reason the others offer cheap acrylic is simple. It’s a numbers game. They know that most people will not call them to come and repair or replace their cracked bath or shower.  Some people won’t notice the problems. Others will not remember which company they had remodel their bathroom. Other people will sell their home and the warranty will be voided. So, they can offer an inferior product and basically get away with it.

The fact is that cross-linked acrylic material is about 20% more expensive than the acrylics the other brands use. However, we are able to make up the difference. Instead of working through large retail stores, you will find EasyCare available through contractors. We also do not franchise EasyCare. This means that there are not the additional franchise fees that are always added on top of the charges when you buy through a franchise. That reduces the cost considerably. The bottom line is that we offer a SIGNIFICANTLY advanced product at about the same cost as the well-known “premium” franchises or home improvement stores. When you choose EasyCare you will know that the job is done the right way the first time.

Here’s what you really WANT and NEED to know: When you choose EasyCare you will know that the job is done the right way the first time.


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