The English language is a strange animal. You know some classic examples like the fact that we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway. However, as our language evolves certain terms come into play that seem completely out of place. For example, why has the old term “bathroom remodel” been replaced by “bathroom makeover?”

When I think of “makeover,” I think of a middle-aged mom who goes down to the beauty salon for a new hairdo and a few lessons in the effective use of makeup. In just a couple of hours, she is transformed from the average plain Jane into a starlet. That’s all good. But maybe my example explains why we are using the same term with a bathroom remodel.

Updating and Upgrading

Perhaps the reason for using the makeover term comes from the fact that most bathroom remodels are merely cosmetic. In other words, of all the rooms in your house you could remodel the bathroom is probably the most restrictive in terms of what you can do with it. Its location generally prevents you from enlarging it while the nuisance of re-routing plumbing typically dictates you leave the layout generally the same.

With such restrictions, the only things left to do are upgrading bathtub and toilet, updating fixtures, and implementing new design elements. In essence, you are giving the bathroom a new hairdo and some new makeup. If you look at in this way, the bathroom makeover can even be fun!

Important Bathroom Makeover Tips

Language concerns aside, if you are going for the makeover concept rather than a total remodeling overhaul, there are some important things to consider. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Remember the Environment – The bathroom represents one of the harshest environments in your home. It is a room where temperature and humidity are constantly changing, thereby putting stress on window and door-frames, paint, etc. This is one room where you need to make sure you use high-quality materials.
  • Remember Continuity – Unless you plan to hold on to your current home well into the future, it’s a good idea to remember the continuity of the rest of the house in terms of style. Simply put, you do not want your bathroom to stand out as being extraordinarily different; otherwise, it could have an effect on a future sale.
  • Remember Functionality – The makeover principle dictates the changes you are making to your bathroom are largely cosmetic. If you’re going to do anything that dramatically changes the functionality of the space, make your choices wisely. A loss in functionality could severely diminish any benefits derived from the cosmetic portion of the makeover.

Regardless of whether you use the term “remodel” or “makeover,” making a change to your bathroom is often a wise investment in your property. You can add value to your home while also giving yourself a space that looks and feels brand-new. And unlike the makeover at the beauty salon, it will not come out in the shower!