Shower Remodeling

Add new enjoyment to your morning routine with a gorgeous shower remodel by EasyCare. Our state-of-the-art thermoforming technology produces the shiniest and most durable shower liner system on the market, manufactured to your exact specifications. When combined with EasyCare’s proven track record of customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, EasyCare systems are the only logical choice.

Sing in the Shower Again

Let EasyCare install a beautiful new EasyCare shower base and matching one-piece wall system in place of your old unit – in as little as one day! It’s an economical way to update your bathroom without replacing walls, plumbing and flooring. Our showers are:

  • Measurably more beautiful. Only EasyCare cross-linked acrylic has a measurable 12% greater shine than the competition. That shine reflects the quality of the EasyCare system.
  • Easy to maintain.The time you’ll save will astonish you. No pores in our EasyCare acrylic surface means no scrubbing for you.
  • Stronger, thicker acrylic. Relax and enjoy a long, soothing bath. Only EasyCare Shower liners are made from acrylic that is 400% stronger and 300% thicker than the industry standard, so your shower will last you a lifetime.

How It Works

An EasyCare Shower system is custom-fit to your existing shower fixtures – eliminating the high cost of traditional demolition and the days of mess that go with it. With the EasyCare approach, you’ll experience a no-mess, no-hassle shower remodel. In most cases, our one-day process allows you to use your new shower the very next morning.

EasyCare manufactures custom shower bases to fit the space and drain location of your existing shower pan, eliminating the need for plumbing pipe removal or extension. Our shower bases are made with premium cross-linked acrylic supported by our Acrylibond reinforcement system, making them the strongest in the industry.

Our shower wall systems are also custom-fit on the job site to match your bathroom dimensions perfectly. We have a variety of wall systems to accommodate all bathroom sizes. Our wall systems can extend from floor to ceiling and may also be installed as wainscot around the bathroom. We also manufacture ceiling panels, soap dishes and corner caddies to match all our colors and patterns.

Get a New Shower in Just One Day

Upgrade your shower with ease. Call EasyCare at (800) 826-6790 or submit an online request form to schedule a free, in-home consultation with one of our friendly staff members. We would love to meet you and discuss a shower remodel in Dayton, Springfield or any surrounding community!

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