Are you tired of your current bathroom? It might seem like an odd thing to ask, but if you think about it, the bathroom is one of the rooms in your home in which you have very little control. In other rooms, you can rearrange furniture and give the room an entirely different look. Even with the kitchen, you can replace appliances and add an island. However, there’s really no furniture you can move around in your bathroom, and changing out anything may require the help of an experienced plumber. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot do a little bathroom renovation every now and then. Here are some of the things you can change about your bathroom and how difficult they may be.

What-To-Change-Bathroom Replace your pedestal sink with a vanity or vice versa. This doesn’t take that much work, but it can be a great change for your bathroom. If you are tired of not having any counter space, adding a vanity can be a great help. The storage in the vanity lets you hide items like extra toilet paper or cleaning supplies, and the counter space may make getting ready in the morning that much easier. Putting in a vanity or pedestal sink does not require any in-depth plumbing knowledge – most come with everything you need and clear instructions on how to install them. Another remodeling idea is to move the toilet or sink. This is a more involved renovation since it will require you to move around some of your pipes. If you can easily get underneath your house (through a basement or crawlspace, for example), it may not be that difficult. You will need to know how to shut off your water and how to install pipes. It may be best to hire a plumber if you are not certain how to do this. You will also need to be prepared to cut new holes in your floor and be prepared to cover the old holes. Changing the flooring in your bathroom can be a fairly easy task if you know what you’re doing. Remove the tile or linoleum, prepare the floor for the new flooring, and then install the new flooring. You can get all of the supplies needed from any home remodeling store, and since a bathroom is a fairly small space, it doesn’t take very long to put down the new floor. This is one way to change the dominant color of your bathroom – put in new flooring, paint the walls, and add a few other touches like matching towels or a shower curtain. You can also change out your bathtub or shower. This is a pretty large renovation since it involves remodeling the largest item in your bathroom. However, if you never use your bathtub, it might be a great idea to take it out and make a large shower. You may also need to do this type of renovation if you can no longer step up over the side of the bathtub due to health issues. It will almost certainly require a licensed plumber’s help, of course. Any of these bath and shower remodeling projects will take some time and money, but they can make your bathroom look incredible, especially if you undertake several of them at once.