Many people want to renovate their bathrooms, but they are held back by one major thing: the cost. While doing some minor remodeling can be done for fairly cheap (such as putting in a vanity), doing a major renovation is costly. However, if you have the time, you can always remodel your bathroom over the course of several months or even a year. This type of remodel does mean you do not have to have the full budget up-front, but it presents a few challenges of its own.

Bathroom-Renovation-Plans While the biggest benefit is that you spread the cost of the remodel out over a number of months (and paychecks), another benefit is that you do not have to decide on everything right away. If you’re doing a full remodel, you may have to pick now a new sink, new vanity, new bathtub, new shower system, new flooring, new paint color for the walls…if you are changing it all, you have to pick all new things. That can take a while, especially if you’re not sure exactly what you want. By spreading out your renovation over a year, you can take more time in selecting tiling, colors, etc. You can also change your mind if you spread out your renovations. If you get your new flooring in and decide you want to paint your walls a different color, you probably haven’t yet bought the paint. It gives you a chance to make these decisions after you see how part of your new bathroom will look instead of trying to imagine the colors together. There are a few downsides to dragging out your renovations. The biggest is that your bathroom may go a year or so without being finished. If you have already removed some things (especially the bathtub and shower), you will not be able to fully use the room until the renovations are done. Once you take out the floor, you might not be able to use the bathroom at all. This can be a problem if it’s the only bathroom you have. In fact, if it is your only bathroom, spreading out your renovations may not be a good idea. Another downside is that you might have to hire different contractors to work on different parts of the bathroom. Sometimes, the same contractor is not available for each part of the remodel. This usually isn’t much of a problem, but sometimes a contractor does something a certain way and another one isn’t quite sure what they were doing. Different contractors may also quote you different prices, so it can be expensive. Changing costs can be another issue. Besides the difference in contractor costs, you might also end up paying more for materials if they become unavailable at a certain store. The items you want can also be discontinued by the time you decide to actually purchase them, too, forcing you to either pay more for them or go with your second choice. Finally, there is the feeling of never having a finished room. Some people may really be bothered by always having their bathroom in a state of disrepair, even if it’s only for six months or so. While it can be a great way of saving money, doing your bathroom renovation over time instead of all at once may not work for you. Be sure you truly think about it before you decide to space it out.