There are many different ways you can remodel or renovate your bathroom. Some of these things are somewhat minor – you can replace your pedestal sink with a vanity, for example, or add some extra storage. But then there are larger bathroom renovations. These large renovations usually require a large budget, and most of them make the bathroom unusable for a week or so. In the end, though, you end up with a gorgeous new bathroom. Is it worth the inconvenience? Usually yes. So what kind of large bathroom renovations can you do? Perhaps the largest renovation is to enlarge the bathroom. This can be done in two ways: if it has an exterior wall, you can knock that wall out and add on to your house. This way, you do not lose part of another room. If it’s an interior bathroom or you don’t want to add on to the house, you can knock out an interior wall and expand into another room. Either way, you will need to move your pipes around and re-wire the new bathroom. You have the chance to change the entire layout of the bathroom, adding in a shower, a larger tub, more counter space, etc.

Large-Bathroom If you have a large bathroom already, you might want to replace your bathtub with a large Jacuzzi tub. You might be able to leave everything else in the same place depending on the layout of the room. Of course, you will most likely lose your shower space if you do this, but if you have a second bathroom with a shower, that might not be an issue. You’ll also probably need to modify your plumbing to accommodate the larger tub. Another large renovation is adding a tub to a bathroom that doesn’t have one or removing the tub and making a large shower. This type of large renovation can be done in a weekend, but it still involves a lot of work. You may want to add doors for a shower, too. Anything that requires you to add or move existing pipes and plumbing is going to be pretty major. It usually involves taking out parts of the walls or the floor, and you’ll most likely need a licensed plumber to do most of the work. This type of renovation might include installing a shower in a bathroom that only has a tub or adding multiple showerheads to your shower. You might also want to move your sink or install a double sink. While this isn’t a really large renovation, it will take the better part of a day. Large renovations might be expensive and take time, but they are well worth it if you get the bathroom of your dreams in the end. While enlarging your bathroom might be out of the question, rearranging the layout can result i>n more space or a more comfortable bathroom. If you aren’t able to make the large renovations you want all at once, you might think about spacing them out over a year or so. Replace the tub one month; add a double sink a few months later. It spreads out the work and the cost, but it means your bathroom may always be in the middle of a large renovation.