Walk-In Tub – Dayton, OH

Walk-in Tub

This Walk-in Tub project was completed for our client Ethyle S. by our Dayton, OH office. She had recently remodeled her bathroom and was concerned about damaging her new products and surround but she knew that she needed something safer for bathing. We were able to work around her existing bathroom products and simply remove the deep soaker tub that she could no longer get in and out of and install her new Walk-in Tub right in it’s place.

“I really enjoy it! I hadn’t had a bath in a tub for years because of knee surgery, and now I get in there and it’s wonderful. I am so happy I have it.” Ethyle S.

Project Details

Client Ethyle S.
Date 4.13.2015
Products Walk-in Tub, Hydrotherapy, Safe Bathing
Location Englewood, OH 45315

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